The Beautiful Kenai River

Sunday, August 22, 1999
The beautiful Kenai River

No, that's not some trick photography or lighting effect, the river is that green! We've heard different explanations, but the most plausible seems to be this. The Kenai River and the lake that forms its headwaters is glacially fed. Glaciers dump ground rock, flour, into the rivers they feed. Most of the glacial rivers look like clay soup. The much of the flour that dumps into this river system is of ground jade, so instead of a gray river we have a green one. It's startling when you first see it.

The beautiful Kenai River

The Kenai River attracts fishermen from all over the world even though this river system is a protected salmon hatchery area. There are plenty of other species of fish to catch in this river.

fishermen at the Kenai River bridge

Not only is the river crossing at Cooper Landing a great place for fishermen, but it's a great place for tourists to take pictures of the activity, and the beautiful green river.

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