Ketchikan, Alaska

Saturday, September 4, 1999

Busy Ketchikan Harbor
This is Ketchikan!
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Ketchikan is the Salmon Capital of the World! We surely won't argue with that claim. They were jumping all over the place when they'd get close to the red bridge in the background of the photo below.

Most harbor buildings are on piers!

These pictures were taken from the veranda of our stateroom.
Later, in the afternoon when we were finished cruising and shopping,
we will watch as groups of kayakers work their way through and under
some of these piers.

Ketchikan shopping district.
Shopping is convenient in Ketchikan!

Ketchikan is a city of about 14,000 people, and it receives an average annual railfall of FOURTEEN FEET! This must be one of the wettest places in the world. But it's also one of the most beautiful.

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