Ketchikan, Alaska

Saturday, September 4, 1999


This sailboat was moored somewhere in the back waters near
Salmon Falls Resort.

Pacific Ocean Coastline

That's right, this is the Pacific Ocean, not a lake somewhere near Ketchikan. There seems to be little shallow water in Alaska. We saw almost no beaches, and no surf and breakers that we normally associate with the shore of an ocean.

back bay fishermen
Fishermen in a cove
Goodbye Ketchikan
Goodbye Beautiful Ketchikan Area

With all that average annual rainfall, it's hard to believe we spent the whole day here and didn't get rained on! Well, almost. After out back country adventure, we had to do a little shopping. Pat had set a goal to find a totem pole to bring or ship home. So, we had to go shopping. We did find one, but it was a minature. We didn't find anybody wanting to ship a big one for our front yard. Maybe we just didn't have time to look hard enough. But just as we had finished, it began to sprinkle. So we did get a few drops while walking back to the ship. Ketchikan couldn't let us get away without giving us a little sample of normal weather, now could it?

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