Our Great Alaskan Adventure!

Sunday, August 21, 1999 Monday, September 6, 1999

Sunrise over Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are ready for disembarkation in Vancouver. Our cruise on the beautiful Sun Princess is over, and we regret it. Our trip is not over, however. We will have photos from a great couple of days on the Pacific Coast before heading home. Likely, those will find their way to Tylers' Travels at some time in the near future.

Soon we'll reboard the Sun Princess for her last trip through the Panama Canal in this millinium which is her last trip before the US gives up control of the canal. Highlights of that trip will likely become part of Tylers' Travels on the web.

Thank you for taking your time with our pictures, and please come back again. We'd love to hear what you think of our Great Alaskan Adventure pictures, and those from any of our other trips.

Pat Tyler

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