August 25, 1999

Visitor Center Flag


It rained Wednesday, but
we had planned to visit
Palmer, a community in
the Matanuska River Valley,
about 40 miles north of
Anchorage. (See the South-
Central Alaska

The first place we stopped was
the hotel to warm up with some
hot chocolate. The help there was
preoccupied with something other
than giving service to customers.
But, eventually we got our hot

Next we went to the visitor center,
and the volunteers there, warmed us
with their friendly attitude.
They have a gift shop that features
some unique local crafts, and they
dispense great local information.

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Sign at Palmer visitor center

The garden at the base of the Visitor Center sign was beautiful and typical of Alaska. But look at the size of the cabbage in the photo below. Maybe it wouldn't win first prize at the State Fair that was preparing to open at the south edge of Palmer, but it is a nice display for the cheechacos.

Garden at Plamer Visitor Center

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