Matanuska Valley

August 25, 1999

reindeer farm
Raindeer Farm

Matanuska River
Matanuska River

This is a text book example of a braided river.

bull musk ox

This view of a hayfield looks like that of any other farm in the U.S.

Below: Although it has rained all day, the clouds seem to be closing in.
It looks like we'd better head back to Anchorage before we get caught in
a colossal fog bank.

bull musk ox

Incidently folks, while composing this page, Pat looked for some links with additional photos of Palmer to link to these pages, and she ran across a Palmer weather report. At 9:30 AM, November 3, 1999 they reported a temperature of a whopping -1º! The wind chill was -13º! By 10 AM it was all the way up to 0º. We'll remember our friends in Palmer, Alaska fondly, but we don't envy all of their weather.

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