The Alaska SeaLife Center

Seward, Alaska

August 29, 1999

puffin 5
puffin 6
puffin 1

Puffins are interesting little sea birds that live on the rocks along the coast.
They prefer islands away from preditors. Notice the strong beaks on these fellows.
They can break shells and bones with those beaks.

puffin 2
puffin 4
puffin 3

harbor seal 1

Harbor seals are valued for their warm, soft furs. Here in the SeaLife Center they laze their days away. They sleep and swim around and around and around. Their cage is build with an island of rocks in the center. This gives them a circular path they can swim. Mostly they swim underwater. And you have to be really fast to catch them on camera when they come up for air.

harbor seal 2

Next we will cruise Aialik Fjord in the Kenai Fjords National Park. We'll see a glacier up close, and sealife in the wild.

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