The Alaska Railroad

August 26, 1999

Along the way to Denali

Hurricane Gulch
Hurricane Gulch

We're getting close to
Mt. McKinely!
But it looks too cloudy
to have a chance to see
the big mountain.

The scenery between
Denali National Park
is breathtaking!

If you're in Alaska
and have enough time,
take the train to
The approximately
350 miles to the park
takes 8+ hours.
It's only about 120 miles
for the remainder
of the trip. You'll arrive
in Fairbanks in the evening.

Hurricane Gulch

Above: Here's another view of Hurricane Gulch.

We're getting close to the big mountain.
Could it be among the peaks we see in the distance?
Rain drops dot the train window through which this was taken.

Mountain tops

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