The Alaska Railroad

August 27, 1999

Denali to Fairbanks
Highway bridge over the Nenana River
Highway bridge over the Nenana River

You see this bridge just north of the Denali Railroad Depot.

Nenana River
The Nenana River.

This view gives a good look at a typical glacial stream. Glacial flour turns the river into a sort of clay soup.

Mountain tops


Notice that the terrain is nearly flat in this part of the state. We can see mountains in the distance. There is a lot of tundra, and the forests are stunted and sparce. We are told that the frigid winds stunt the trees. It seems that central Alaska is a sort of bowl. We don't know why the foreground trees died, but the standing water nearby might be a clue.

Train arrives at Denali
Our Scenic Guides Seranade

These girls rode with us from Denali to Fairbanks. They are Fairbanks High and University of Alaska students.

The Alaska Railroad employs highschool and college students to give commentary about the points of interest along the way. At half the distance between Anchorage and Fairbanks, when the northbound and southbound trains meet, the student crews change trains, so they return to homebase each day. A young man who was an Anchorage high school junior traveled with us for the first 350 miles of our journey from Anchorage. He did an excellent job of keeping us alerted so we could have attention and cameras ready when the sights appeared.

These are all the scenic photos from the Alaska Railroad trip, so we'll pick up in Denali National Park to continue our photo tour.

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