Our adventure begins!

August 22, 1999
Owen photographs the Turnagain Arm


Sunday morning we loaded
the van and started toward
Homer, at the end of State
Highway 1, near the western
edge of the Kenai Peninsula,
on the shore of Kachemak Bay.

Owen shoots some movie footage
at one of the many viewpoints along
the way.

He's looking across the Turnagain
Arm of the Cook Inlet, southeast
of Anchorage, at the mountains on
the north edge of the Kenai Peninsula.

The Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet

A bit of sun shines through the clouds to reflect on the water
of Turnagain Arm. Captain Cook discovered this inlet while he was
searching for the northwest passage through the North American
continent. The story goes, that when they came to the end of the
inlet, he said, "Turn again men, this inlet goes nowhere."

The Cook Inlet experiences the third greatest tide variances of
anywhere in the world. For this reason, it is extremely dangerous
for navigation. You do not see many boats in these waters even
around Anchorage. Along the road, signs warn the unwary away from
the mud flats along the shoreline. These mud flats are known to be
like quick sand, and they have a history of trapping people who
cannot escape the extremely high tides that occur twice daily.

Girdwood turnoff

About 40 miles southeast of Anchorage, the Girdwood turnoff leads
up the mountain to the Girdwood community and to the Alyeska Ski
Resort on Mt. Alyeska. The resort is the largest of its kind in Alaska.
This is an excellent place to stop for a meal when you're traveling
this way. We had breakfast, and considered riding their tram up to the
ridge, but time was pressing, and Homer was yet a long way down the road.

Hanging basket at Aleyeska Ski Resort

Photos by Pat Tyler

This is the first of many flower photos we took on this trip. These
beautiful hanging baskets hung along the back of the Alyeska Lodge.
And flowers are everywhere in Alaska, even at the foot of highway markers!

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