Alberta, Canada

Trip Day Twelve: June 23, 2000
Downtown Banff

Banff is a busy, busy, touristy town. It is filled with visitors of all ages. A lot of the tourists are from Japan.

Of course, wherever tourists gather, you can be assured of a plentiful supply of stores where they can spend their money. Some of the shops sell the ubiquitous, cheap souvenirs, but many offer quality merchandise. (We bought our share of both kinds.)

We even found a shop offering qiviut (kiv-ee-ute), the soft, warm wool of the musk ox. See our description of this wool on our page about the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer Alaska.

The Souvenir Salesman

And The Souvenirs

This buffalo horn is scrimshawed with an eagle swooping after his prey.

Instead of hauling home a 12' totum pole to plant in the yard, Pat has begun to collect minatures when in Southeastern Alaska and Southwestern Canada where the North American Natives used them to tell the stories of their families.

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