Alberta, Canada

Trip Day Thirteen: Saturday, June 24, 2000
A Suite at the High Country Inn

As it turned out, a good deal of our sight seeing on this day was of our suite at the High Country Inn. Designed for groups here for skiing, this was fun, but way larger than we needed. We had a bedroom besides this large living room with a queen-sized bed and hide-a-bed couch. We had two bathrooms, which was very nice, and two television sets too.

We had planned, among other things, to spend some times in the Banff Hot Springs pool. But it was raining and 41ºF. not exactly enticing weather for a swim in an outdoor pool. We did take a dip in High Country Inn's indoor pool, however. And we found an Internet machine in the hotel lobby the first we had seen. Pat gave it a try and checked for new e-mail. It uses a track-ball instead of a mouse, so no desktop is needed just a keyboard and monitor all built into one unit.

View from the front window of the suite.

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