Alberta, Canada

Icefields Parkway Southbound
Trip Day Sixteen: June 27, 2000

Mt. Kitchener

Signs at the overlooks often tell us the names of the peaks in the view. But we don't alway get the picture to remind us. A meter is just over the length of a yard, or 3 feet. So, this peak is approximately 10,515 feet tall.

We can see the edge of the icefield, on top of the mountain, that feeds the glacier that tumbles down the side of Mt. Kitchener. Although it doesn't look very deep because of the distance, the icefield is actually hundreds of feet deep.

Braided River

Braided rivers are typicial of glacier territory. They become clogged with glacial debris, mainly gravel, which interrupts their regular channel. The glacial melt then picks many channels through the debris. Looking from above, the river looks as if it had been braided.

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