Alberta, Canada

Icefields Parkway Southbound
Trip Day Sixteen: June 27, 2000
We're getting close to the Icefields Center.

See the U-shaped valley left by a small glacier, and its lateral moraines. Lateral moraines are glacial debris that is carried along the sides of a glacier. When the glacier melts it is left as a mound or hill along the edge of the valley created by the digging as it inched forward. Notice the stream of melt water coming from the glacier.

The Athabasca Glacier

This is the largest glacier within reach of the highway.
The Icefields Center is just north of the boundary between Jasper and Banff National Parks. This is where you go to take the glacier tours. Individuals can walk to the glacier from a small parking lot on the west side of the road. It is not recommended to walk on the glacier without an expert guide. Deep cravasses are often hidden by snow bridges.

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