Alberta, Canada

Athabasca Glacier Tour
Trip Day Sixteen: June 27, 2000
Up We Go!

We're headed up that awesome hill. It doesn't look nearly as scarey now. But we can't see it all now, either.

A Lateral Moraine

This is debris that the glacier dug from the sides of the mountain, then pushed along as it moved down the mountain. They also push along a pile of debris in front of them. These terminal moraines typically form dams for lakes of melt water.

Sno-Coach Parking Area

The side of the glacier is shown at the right edge of the picture.
Notice how far above it we are.

A Bit Of History On Display

These are Sno-Coaches that were in use quite a few years ago.
One of our Hawaiian friends was posing for someone in her group.

Parking Lot at 11:30 AM

We've finished our tour and had lunch and notice that the parking lot is getting pretty busy now. We arrived in time to get on the 9:15 AM tour. Our red Navigator is in middle of the second line of cars.

We'll resume our Icefields Parkway drive to Lake Louise.

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