Alberta, Canada

Jasper Park Lodge
Trip Day Fifteen: Monday, June 26, 2000

This veranda outside one of the several restaurants in the main building overlooks a fair-sized lake. Paddle boats and canoes seemed to be the main recreation on the lake. We saw no motorboats or sail boats.

In the middle distance on the lakeshore there was a large platform,
edged with a gazebo and other pavillions where they could hold dances with live entertainment and food service.

In these pictures, the place looks almost deserted. This was a Monday, and most probably went home yesterday. But a tour bus had just arrived with some of this week's guests, and luggage was being unloaded. These pictures did not pick up a lot of the activity. People were coming and going, and paddling their canoes out of camera range.

Here's another shot of a building holding guest rooms.

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