Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise Village
Trip Day Sixteen: June 27, 2000
Lake Louise Village

There isn't much in the "village," it's really just a small shopping center. But we did find a book store that sold books and maps, and a pack & mail sort of store that sold postage stamps. A bird sits on the base for the parking lot light pole.

We've travelled a little over 3000 miles, so it's time for an extra check under the hood.

Back in Lake Louise after our visit to Moraine Lake, we stayed at the Mountaineer Lodge. We really wished we had gone ahead and made reservations at Chateau Lake Louise, even though our February planning was too late to get a room on the lake side of the hotel. The Mountaineer Lodge was built cheaply, and had no air conditioning in spite of the fact that the sun overheats the west side of the building in the afternoon. The beds had no springs just a mattress thrown on top of a plywood slab raised off the floor. When we had to remake the beds (because they come apart when opened) the sides of the plywood frame scratch your hands. The place had no restaurant. And the price wasn't all that cheap either.

We had lunch at the Depot, a converted train station. The food was excellent, and the decor was authentic and interesting. Adding to the atmosphere, largewindows look out on the tracks, and a train came through while we were eating.

Next, we'll review the pictures from the trip between Lake Louise and Jasper on the Icefields Parkway, which has been described as the most spectactular drive in the world! We think this drive and the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park both come pretty close. After seeing the pictures from both drives, see what you think.

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