Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park,
Prince Of Wales Hotel
Trip Day Ten: June 21, 2000
Owen Tyler, "Big Red," and the Prince of Wales Hotel

We were planning to be in Canadian National Parks for a week, so we bought the most economical pass the ranger at the park gate recommended. That was an annual pass for $53 Canadian. That's about $37 or $38 U.S.

One of the first things you see upon arrival in the park is the Prince Of Wales Hotel. Of course we wanted to take a look, so we decided that this was the oportune time to have lunch there. This is one of the hotels built by the Great Northern Railroad to entice tourists to come and visit the park.

Waterton Townsite

The hotel sits high atop a terminal moraine dams Lake Waterton.
the terminal moraine is the debris piled up by the Ice-Age glacier that dug this valley.

Upper Waterton Lake

We're looking south down the lake from the hotel into the United States
and Glacier National Park.

Prince Of Wales Hotel from the Waterton Village Marina

The magestic old hotel commands the valley.

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