Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park,
The Village
Trip Day Ten: June 21, 2000

Deer enjoys the grass while the owners are absent.

Ground Squirrels live here too.

The Canadians set aside some land in their national parks for private property.
These townsites develope much like towns in other places except that maybe more critters reside there than in most other towns. That is why a place like Kilmorey Lodge and other similar establishments could exist. In our parks, there is one concessionaire that is allowed commercial development.

We became deer stalkers!

On an evening walk, at first we were surprised to see deer in town. Soon we were attempting to get pictures of all that we saw. The deer weren't startley by us, but just ambled out of our way.

We have to look up to the mountain peaks that surround the village.

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