East Coast of Vancouver Island

Trip Day Seventeen, May 20th, 2006

Kitty Coleman Gardens Art Show
Our hosts, Bob Deeley and Lynda Jamieson

They made us feel so welcome in their home which they also run as a B&B.
Being able to accompany them to the art show was a special treat. We felt as if we'd
made new life-long friends. They said we'd always be welcome in their home.
See more of Lynda's beautiful wildlife paintings on her website.

Mountain Shadows
    ©Lynda Jamieson
A wolf pack poses under austere mountains cloaked in winter's finest.

Fine Dining
    ©Lynda Jamieson
Bold, brilliant colour, ablaze in a corner of the
garden, starkly contrasts with the soft,
quiet creature in its midst.

Rhododendrons in a Quiet Nook

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