East Coast of Vancouver Island

Trip Day Seventeen, May 20th, 2006

Kitty Coleman Gardens Art Show

Tofino Artist, Mark Hobson

Paulette, 5972-Hobson'sAssistant-052006-1234p
The Artist's Assistant, Paulette
  Since we had just come from Tofino, we immediately felt a connection with Mark's paintings. We bought two small paintings of the kind that artists prepare to sell at low prices at shows. Those proved to be the perfect souvineers of our visit to Tofino. We would loved to be able to have bought something more significant. In case you missed it in the Tofino section, here is a link to a page with three of his pictures:
Mark Hobson's paintings
His Coastline Art, Inc. website
is linked to the above page.
Flutist Entertains

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