British Columbia, Canada

Kootenay National Park
Radium Hot Springs
Trip Day Seventeen: June 28, 2000
Radium Hot Springs

Although our schedule wouldn't permit time for a dip in the pool, the weather was perfect.

It's a long climb up to the hotel.

The tower on the left is an elevator for hotel guests to go to the hot springs. It was time for breakfast, so we parked in the lot for the hot springs's guests and took the elevator to the hotel. That brought us into the back door, and we had to explore a bit to find the dining room.

To-may-to  or  To-mah-to?

The young man who waited on us was very personable — handsome too. When Owen asked for tomato juice, the waiter said he'd check to see if any was available. Pretty soon he came back and asked if to-mah-to juice would be all right. We did find only a few differences between Western Canada and the Western United States.

Kootenay River

Soon after we left Radium Hot Springs we gradually dropped down into the western prairie. The Kootenay River glides through rolling hills on the West Front of the Rockies.

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