Victoria, the Capitol of British Columbia

Trip Day Nineteen, May 22nd, 2006

Victoria Day

Victoria Day Parade

This big parade honored the memory and rein of Queen Victoria the namesake of the city.
We were all fired up to go to Butchart Gardens, a few miles north of the city. But the parade effectively blocked our exit from the city. If we had known our way around a little better, maybe we could have circumvented the crowds and blocked main roads. But it was raining, so we just sat back and watched the parade on TV to soak up a bit of local color. It was colorful.

Spectator Cheers Them On.
Unique Parade Unit

Now folks, as a former majorette, I've watched a lot of parades and participated in more of them. This unit is unique in my experience of parade watching. These mature majorettes strutted
their stuff and had a great time while they did it. MORE POWER TO THEM!

Ok, okay. So we'll get on with the business of sightseeing in Victoria next.

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