A Photo Safari

Asian Plains Habitat
The Waterhole
October 2, 2000

Altar Wapiti (Elk) nibbles on the fence protecting the habitat gate. This one likely thinks the East African Habitat next door has some better grass than her Asian Plains home.

The habitats are double gated, with ample space for a truck between them. The gates are electronically controlled like your garage door, except that these gates roll to the side instead of lift overhead. The attendant opens gate number one then drives the truck into the enclosure then closes the gate. They make sure no animals are waiting near the gate. Then they open the second gate and drive the truck through.

Before making Jurassic Park Steven Spielburg visited the Wild Animal Park to see how the animals were cared for and controlled. We flew over the double gates of Jurassic Park when we were on the island of Kauai, but we couldn't see the gates for the trees.

The Waterhole is mostly inhabited by Southern Rhinos in this picture.
An elk rests on the shore.

An elk herd ambles down the road.

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