California Central Coast

Trip Day Twenty-eight,
Tuesday, May 31st,2006

Los Osos
(English: The Bears)
Los Osos, also on Morro Bay enjoys a location on the southeast shore.

9:10 AM ~ Tide's out and fog's in.

A few sail boats are now land-locked and unusable until the next high tide.

40 Minutes later the tide's out but so's the fog.

I believe the change happened more quickly, but I don't have a speedier time documented.
We all know of people who love to use the phrase, "If you don't like the weather in
you fill in the location, just wait a minute." We watched the fog roll in and roll out several times in a day's time from a vantage point on a hill above this bay. It's really surprising to inlanders like ourselves to see just how changeable the weather can be in this coastal area.

Owen Tyler enjoys coffee with our hosts, Mark & Valery Plater

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