The Northern California Coast

Trip Day Twenty-four,
Saturday, May 27th,2006

Klamath, California
A Rocky Coast
Paul Bunion and his ox, Babe

greet visitors in the parking lot of a Klamath restaurant.
We were surprised that this area has changed little from the time we drove through here many years ago. Paul and Babe entertained our youngsters when they were young boys. There wasn't a restaurant here back then as I recall, however.

Across the Highway

the motel where we stayed those many years ago remains, has been enlarged and a restaurant added to the facility. There aren't all that many places to stay in this area so this location should be a good facility for a long time to come. There was no restaurant when we stayed here, and the proprietor of the motel sent us down the highway to an off-road place down a windy dirt road on a creek.
We still remember the delicious salmon served there.

The Klamath River

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