The Northern California Coast

Trip Day Twenty-five,
Sunday, May 28th,2006

Windy, Narrow Highway 1
Have I mentioned that this is a windy, narrow highway?

This and the picture below pretty much characterize the highway for most of its length with the exception of its passage through the communities centering around the San Francisco and Monterey bays. These pictures also capture the traffic density that we encountered while traveling this route.

The Cliff-hugging Road

In places the south-bound lanes had little shoulder space between the driving lane the sheer drop to the rocky coast below. A stretch of highway like this in the central coastal area many years ago that a young husband chose to have his inexperienced wife hone her driving skills while they drove south along the cliffs. Fortunately no mishaps occured as a result of the white-knuckle experience.


Brown Sand Spit

This is at the mouth of the Russian River which supports a somewhat large community up river.

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