This is San Diego Bay

Coronado, Harbor Excursion
October 3, 2000

This hospital ship has seen duty around the world.

Coronado is its own town, and these condominiums are interesting because they are as tall as the law allows buildings to be in Coronado.

Although we had planned to have lunch at the famous old Hotel Del Coronado, this is as close as we got to it. Or, maybe our vantage point on Point Loma was closer. We just didn't have time for everything we wanted to do in San Diego.

The Coronado Bridge

We saw so much that we didn't photograph on this excursion. Sometimes things happened too quickly to get the lens on them, like the time a navy fighter came in for a landing on the adjacent runway just barely over our heads!

That's all of the San Diego pictures. Our next pictures will be of the Big Island of Hawaii and our tour out of the port of Hilo, on the east side of the island.

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