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San Francisco

Trip Day Four: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Passengers and Crew Line Decks

Photo by Pat Tyler
A Deck Above

Passengers line the rails on decks above us.
We were on Baja Deck, the 10th floor. People above
were on Aloha, a deck similar to ours. Windshield wipers are installed
on the Riviera Deck bridge windows. We see a few people on the rail above the
bridge, and you can be sure that people line the rails on the deck above that, which is
easier to access and out of camera view.

Photo by Pat Tyler
The forward decks below us appear to be the domain of the crew. The pools and access to the forward deck on Caribe level do not show on the deck plans. Crew members with free time take advantage of their access to this space to do a little sightseeing.
Photo by Owen Tyler
Birds fishing, are unaware of our passing.
Photo by Pat Tyler
We proceed toward Alcatraz Island.
Photo by Owen Tyler
Alcatraz Island

This former federal prison is a popular tourist destination.
But it won't be ours for this day in San Francisco.
Alcatraz Island is administered by the National Parks Service.

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