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San Francisco

Trip Day Four: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Photo by Pat Tyler
We Move closer to the dock.

We have taken several cruises on these big ships. And it never
ceases to amaze us when they move sideways to maneuver
themselves to and away from the docks.

Photo by Owen Tyler
  Birds gather in the turbulence created by the thrusters moving the ship sideways. They expect fish and possibly other morsels to surface in the churning water.
Photo by Pat Tyler
A Closer look at some of the birds.

Photo by Owen Tyler
Migrating in late September?

Photo by Owen Tyler

10:35 AM ~ The Bay Bridge skims across the center of the picture while we look at piers and the San Francisco skyline. These were the highlights of our spectacular entry into San Francisco Harbor. Our next pictures will be of the Embarkadero along the San Francisco shoreline and some other streets and we will stop at a visitor center at the north terminus of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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