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Marin County, California

Trip Day Four: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Traveling to Muir Woods

Photo by Pat Tyler
A Back-bay Airport

Photo by Pat Tyler
Nothing remarkable about this picture except the shape of the building.
The tiled Islamic arch suggests that you come here to buy your oriental rugs.

Photo by Pat Tyler
Eucalyptus Grove

We have left the suburbs and pass by many groves of Australian eucalyptus trees. These beautiful trees are now regarded as noxious weeds because they are so highly flamable. They add fuel to the California wildfires that have raged in recent years. Nobody seems to know what to do with them. The wood is prone to split and splinter, so it's not useful for building or furniture. They planted them in Hawaii to be marketed to Japanese papermills, but then the Japanese decided they didn't want them.
They do make good wind breaks, however.

Photo by a Pat Tyler

Photo by a Pat Tyler
San Francisco Bay

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