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Marin County, California

Trip Day Four: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Muir Woods National Monument

Photo by Pat Tyler
Ancient Trees

These Ancient trees would have been totally wiped out had it not been for environmentalists getting the support of government to set aside tracts for their preservation. It's sad to see that Redwood National Park near the California/Oregon border appears to only be a very thin strip along the highway. A short walk away from the road led me to vistas of clear-cut hills on a visit there in the 1970s.

Photo by Pat Tyler
Cross Section of a 1021 Year-Old Tree

The seedling sprouted in the year 909. It was cut down in 1930.
Others in this preserve are older.

Photo by Pat Tyler
Say Cheese!

Three people stand in a lightening gash in the tree trunk. This tree is old, and it's big.

Photo by a Owen Tyler
Dappled Sunlight Filters Through A Younger Grove.

Photo by Owen Tyler
Redwood Creek

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