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Marin County, California

Trip Day Four: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Returning to San Francisco from Muir Woods

Photo by Pat Tyler
Hills near Muir Woods

The trees are gone, but these hills are mostly natural.

Photo by Pat Tyler
Some Limited Organic Farming Here

These fields likely go for local consumption.

Photo by Owen Tyler
City Hall

We were treated to a nice tour of the city on the way back to the pier.
Of particular interest was the civic center. The elegant city hall
boasts the 5th tallest dome in the world.
It is fourteen inches taller than the United States Capitol.

Photo by Owen Tyler
Back to Pier 39 and the Sun Princess

We were back in time to have dinner and rest before going out on deck to enjoy the spectactular views of our departure from the city and through the Golden date. We will spend 4 days at sea while enroute to Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Please stay with us for a few pictures taken at dawn while at sea then the Hawaiian pictures.

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