Boulder, Colorado

Trip Day Six: May 9, 2006

We're Heading West

Travel to Grand Junction

Out of Boulder

8:59 AM ~ Our hostess Patsy Tyler, in the car ahead of us acted as our guide to suggest the most direct way to Interstate 70 from her house northeast of Boulder. She was surprised to learn that our new Garmen "Nuvi" GPS receiver had advised the same route through town, turn for turn.

Our visit with Patsy was too short. We always enjoy her company, and Boulder is a fun town too. But this time we had to go because we couldn't get reservations at the preferred hotel the next day, so it had to be today .


9:15 AM ~ South of Boulder
The Front Range South of Boulder

Snow Caps and Clouds in the West
9:56 AM ~ We're on Interstate 70 and headin' west.

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