Interstate 70, Colorado

Trip Day Six: May 9, 2006

Vail Village

What's for Lunch?

Ski Lift rises from the popular ski resort.
Plenty of lodging here. But how do you get in?
Why, the sensible way of course. Through the parking lot.

Really, it makes a lot of sense. The entrance to the village is the parking lot. Of course there is an entrance for deliveries and service vehicles. I don't know how your luggage gets to your hotel. Perhaps you have to lug it. Or they come pick it up for you, but all others park and use the elevators to descend to ground level, then your feet take you to your destination in the village. We were looking for lunch, and wandered. The information booths were empty. We didn't vie with crowds for space in the elevators. In fact we had to figure out which floor to select. The place seemed deserted. The occupants of the parked vehicles had found their destinations and were not wandering as we were.

The Vail River

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