Interstate 70, Colorado

Trip Day Six: May 9, 2006

Rest Stop at Grizzly Creek

White River National Forest

Raindrops spatter window as we traverse this canyon.
Tunnel made amber by effects of lighting.
This one seems wider than the Eisenhower Tunnel.
Garmen Nuvi continues to mark the road. Though it did get lost a couple
of times as we crossed the mountains, it was not a problem, because I-70 knew the way.

Colorado River at Grizzly Creek
It's 1:35 PM and we're just in time to see the train pass by on the track across the Colorado River. It's time for a rest. We happened on the Grizzly Creek Rest Area about 5 miles east of Glenwood Springs, and thoroughly enjoyed our little break there.

Arial photo of the Grizzly Creek Rest Area

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