Interstate 70, Colorado

Trip Day Six: May 9, 2006

Near Grand Junction

Travel to Grand Junction

Escarpment east of Grand Junction
We have left the high mountains and the deep canyons for the western foothills of the Rockies. The eastern front of the mountains rises abruptly from the plains to the east, but on the west side, there are lots and lots of hills that build the elevations of the high mountains more gradually.

Next, we'll pick up the journey on Interstate 70 west of Grand Junction in Utah. Yes, I know the scenery is similar to the pictures on this page, and those pictures could begin here. But it is in Utah, and I want to be fair to the people that are navigating the site by the maps. And Utah pictures should start on the Utah pages, so we will move over to the Utah section of the trip.

And why no pictures from Grand Junction and the surrounding area? Well, by the time we got out room arrangements to our liking, we didn't have interest or energy to go out sightseeing, although we had a list of places we were interested in visiting. Although we loved the DoubleTree in Durango, not so much the one in Grand Junction. It is a rambling affair that has been patched and added to. The halls are a maze with dead ends, and flights of 2 and 3 steps connecting halls. You need a map to find your room, and another to find the dining room. And for this we left Patsy's house a day early!

The area around Grand Junction has a fledgling wine industry, and we planned to visit one of several wineries of the area. Although we'd been in mountains all day, there's the Colorado National Monument and the Historic Rim Rock Drive. That would best be visited when we would plan to stay a little longer, however.

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