Fort Lauderdale

Pier 66 Marina

Day 1: Sunday, April 10, 2005

17th Street Bridge from Pier 66 Marina

6:26 PM: Something captures the attention of a couple waiting for the water bus.
The walk to the beach turned out to be longer than we had expected—about 5 miles.
We had worked up a healthy appetite and were ready for dinner.


While we were waiting for the water bus to take us across the intercoastal waterway, these gas prices caught our attention. We thought the picture would make good documentation of the marine gas prices in Fort Lauderdale on April 11th 2005.

6:39 PM: The Water Bus At Last

You may notice that the picture was taken while the boat was moving away from us.
It was the wrong bus!

The Right Bus 6:56 PM.

Finally the bus came by and we piled in, and were on our way to the
15th Street Fisheries for a seafood dinner.

In addition to a seafood menu that includes such delicacies as Alaskas King Crab, Broiled Atlantic Salmon, Lobster Ravioli, Tuscan Grilled Halibut, and Dolphin "Oscar."
15th Street Fisheries also offers a menu of exotic adventures. This menu includes Aligator Tail, Kangaroo Filet, Asian Sauteed Snapper, and "Tail & Roo." Check out the Dining page for a more complete listing of their offerings.

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