Port Everglade

Embarkation Day

Day 2: Sunday, April 11, 2005

It's a Sparkling Morning!

We have some time for last looks around from the balcony.
We can see some of the big ones moored along the intercoastal waterway.
The black sailboat in the center is a sample of the kind of boat they raise the bridge for.

Different Ships Are At The Docks Today.

We had seen the SeaEscape in and out of the port frequently, and wondered if it's a gambling ship making short excursions.

Pier 66 Marina and Downtown Skyline


SeaEscape was at dock at 7:47 AM in the earlier picture. It's now 9:11 AM and she's gone again. And it's time for us to get ourselves and our hand luggage downstairs to meet the bus by 10. When you are with a group like these Holland America Mariners, you're late if you are a half hour early. All the seats in the hotel lobby were filled by the time we got down there at about 9:30. Stay in their hotel and Holland America sells you the room below market and includes transfer to or from the ship in the price!

We now head for embarkation on ms Rotterdam. We will go directly there in our links in the pictures above. If you'd prefer to see another section of the site, be sure to click the button of your choice below.

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