Hells Canyon, Idaho

Jet Boating On The Snake River
Trip Day Twenty-one: July 2, 2000
If it floats, it's on the river!

People were out in great numbers on the Snake River on this holiday weekend.
And everyone was having a great time. Some of these jokers carried water cannons and turned them on us! Well, we were shooting at them, with cameras, that is.

We often waited for the small craft to navigate the rapids while we were on the way up river toward the Hells Canyon Dam. These folks were resting after coming through one set of rapids. There are many.

The rules of the road regarding negotiating the rapids on the river, dictate that those coming down river have the right-of-way. However, in practice, it's the boat or group that first committed to the rapids that is given the right-of-way.
Rapids do not accommodate two-way traffic!

Captain Art always gave right-of-way to the small craft (powered or not). And he slowed to a no-wake speed when passing fishing boats or those beached, except at the very end of our trip when the boat was running a little short on the petrol supply when we needed to get to the dock.

If we got the picture, the rapids weren't too bad.

Coming down river we hit a couple of them that bounced the boat, enough to make a wave that came over the top of the boat! We were too busy covering the cameras and holding our seats to be taking pictures. We were soaked!

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