Hells Canyon, Idaho

Jet Boating On The Snake River
Trip Day Twenty-one: July 2, 2000
The River Was Low

so, even in places where there were docks, they had to beach Snafu because the water was too shallow for docking. We see, across the river wild life trails criss-crossing the river bank. There were lots of deer grazing along the river in Oregon.

Captain Art

Our captain is sidelined for the last section of our trip up the Snake River. Mike Luther, the company owner takes the wheel for the last 8 miles that we will travel. The river gets pretty treacherous in the last 16 miles below the dam. They do schedule trips all the way to the dam, but they are by special charter.

Art, camera in hand, helps us push off the bank. He would have accompanied us for the last 8 miles, but we had picked up some extra passengers along with Mark, and weight was a concern because all the power was needed to negotiate the rapids.

Mike At The Wheel!

The End Of The Road For Us

These rapids are almost a waterfall! And this is where we turn around.
Somewhere beyond this point the canyon deepens
to become the deepest river canyon in North America!

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