Hells Canyon, Idaho

Jet Boating On The Snake River
Trip Day Twenty-one: July 2, 2000

Some Parting Shots

Wow! What a day!
200 miles round trip, up-river (south)from Lewiston to Granite Creek. We're convinced these folks know what they're doing.

Whether or not you ever plan to take this trip in Hells Canyon, you've just got to see the Snake River Adventures website, it's a kick!

It's guaranteed to tickle your happy bone whether you like boats or not.

Our Crew, Art and Drew

Art, the captain drove the boat, all but the 16 miles closest to the dam,
and Drew (or is it Dru?) did everything he could to make sure all of the passengers were comfortable and happy. While he was happy to pass out refreshments, he did refuse to dance a jig for us. He said that wasn't part of his job description   ;-)

Next we will see some pictures taken on US-12 as we laced our way through the mountains beside the Clearwater River. We'll cross the Bitterroot Mountains at the time of this writing they are plagued with wild fires into the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. At Lolo, Montana we'll travel south on US-93 and recross the Bitterroots back into Idaho to reach our destination in Salmon, Idaho. That seems a complicated way to get there, but it's the closest way unless you have wings. We didn't.

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