Enaville, Idaho

Enaville Resort
Trip Day Seventeen: June 28, 2000
Moose Drool

Anything with a name that obnoxious just had to be good.

Well, not really.

Elk Chair

The unique furniture in the Enaville Resort was built by a man named Equil in the mid to late 1950s. He would work on one piece until it was finished. He spent his summers looking for wood, and had a cabin behind the place where he worked on the various pieces in the winter. Upstairs, (closed to the public) there are beds, dressers, chairs, and other pieces that he built.

The elk-horn chair was built with the remains of an elk shot in 1954. The builder used the elk horns and the elk skin.

Enaville Resort Plate Collection

That's a Beryl!!!

Now, we've shown you a couple of other beryls. The one on the live tree in Las Vegas, N. M., and the porch posts on Main Street in Dubois, Wyoming.

But, this is a BERYL.


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