Sightseeing Near Kingston, Idaho

Thompson Falls, Montana
Trip Day Eighteen: June 29, 2000
Thompson Pass

The trip from Murray to Thompson Falls is not a trivial thing. One must cross the Bitterroot Mountains at Thompson Pass. And it hasn't been all that long since the road was paved for the first time, so we were told. We look back on the road up the mountain in the lower right center of the picture. This is lonely country. You travel miles and miles with no sight of any human endeavor.

Little Bear Ice Cream & Yogurt Parlor

The ice cream shop is near the east end of the town on Highway 200. The exquisite thing about it is that they make the ice cream to order! It's wonderful! And they keep fresh fruit and other goodies for just about any flavor you can think to ask for.

Deb Cheetham
The Ice Cream Lady

This is the lady who created this concept of selling ice cream and the shop. Hubby, Tom, no doubt was there helping her behind the counter.

We had soup and a sandwitch for lunch, and as you might guess, that was a gormet delight.

One Happy Customer!

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Clark Fork

Unfortunately we were unable to get access to see the falls because the bridge and trail was closed due to damage by vandalism. Why is it necessary for some people to destroy things?

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