Twin Falls, Idaho

Shoshone Falls
Trip Day Twenty-four: July 5, 2000
Lava Flow

This lava flow appears to have stopped just short of the Snake River Gorge. This is on the plateau at the edge of the parking lot for the park we just visited.

Don't Do This!!!

When you get out of your car to go down the trail to view Shoshone Falls, or any other scenic wonder, please don't leave you keys in the car door as some ladies did while we were there.

The ladies who appeared to be foreign visitors, arrived just as I was snapping this picture. They'd have had a world of problems if they weren't in a place like Twin Falls, Idaho instead of some area where those who prey on tourists hang out.

After spending the night in our very reasonably priced suite at the Shilo Inn, we'll head east on Interstate-84, then take a side trip to Promontory, Utah and the Golden Spike National Historic Site, and see some nearby model NASA missiles at Thiokol.

Lake Bonneville Information

Idaho has a little visitor center to offer information about Lake Benneville just as you're leaving the state.

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