Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Old Fort Harrod

Day 39: Thursday, September 20, 2001

Spinning Wheels and Other Furniture

The large wheels were used for spinning thread from fibers that the settlers grew.
The fibers could have been wool from sheep that they raised, or they could have been cotton or other vegetable fibers. The women had to grow the fiber, spin it into thread, then weave it into fabric before they could sew the clothing for their families.


The corner of this cabin holds a loom used for weaving fabric. This one seems quite large to have been used by these settlers because the cabins weren't large enough to accommodate the family and the weaving machine.


Every community had to have its blacksmith. They made nails and screws, hinges for doors and gates, and anything else metal that the community needed. They had no hardware store to supply those needs as we do today.

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