Highway Across Maine

Southeastern Maine

Day 17: Wednesday August 29, 2001

A Sort of a Summit

I almost missed it, the grade was so gentle.
But the view of the distant undulating landscape was worth a shot at 1:51 PM.

In Alaska, they'd call it tundra. I don't know how they describe it in Crawford, Maine.
It was 2 PM when we passed by this place.

The Canadian Border
Calais, Maine

We left the Wildberry Inn at 9:15 AM and crossed Maine and reached the border at 2:40 PM. We didn't speed, but we didn't stop for gas or lunch. We did make the one stop at the park near Skowhegan on the Kennebec River. So, you can cross Maine mostly on 2-lane highways in about 5 hours.

We will make a brief stop in St. Steven, the town that celebrates chocolate. Then spend the night in St. Andrews, the town where many loyalists settled after the American Revolution.
Come Along with us.

Our return trip will feature pictures from several coastal Maine locations,
including a sail on a schooner out of Camden.

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