Acadia National Park, Maine

Coming Down The Mountain

Day 28: Sunday, September 9, 2001

Trail to Bubble Mountain

Famous Arched Bridge

The beautiful arch bridge carries a Carriage Road over the highway. Acadia National Park has several carriage roads where motor vehicles are not allowed. John D. Rockefeller financed sixteen stone-faced bridges, each unique in design, to span streams, waterfalls, roads, and cliffsides. The bridges are steel-reinforced concrete, but the use of native stone for the facing gives them a natural appearance. Over time, the stone cutters grew very skilled and Rockefeller often requested them not to cut the facing too well lest the rustic look be lost!

Link: A History of The Carriage Roads

Seal Cove

Seal Cove Under Full Moon

Bridge to Mainland

We've finished our tour of Acadia National Park, and cross over from Mt. Desert Island.
Our next stop is Camden, a popular center for sail boaters.

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