New England


Kennebunkport: The Town
Saturday, October 2, 1999

He really gave Chuck,
our driver, a
tough chewing for
stopping to let us
off the bus!

We thought we ought
to just leave and
spend our money elsewhere.


Our first view of
was the rudest cop
I had ever seen.

Photos by Pat Tyler

Photos by Pat Tyler

This house, in nearby Kennebunk, is known as the
Wedding Cake House.

Of course there's a very romantic story behind the decorating
of this wedding cake, but the details escape this writer right now.

But it is a lovely little town inspite of its rude cop.

Kennebunkport town center is a tourist mecca. Tee shirt shops and
art galleries are all around. We saw no evidence of stores with
such mundane missions as providing groceries or hardware.
All the parking places were taken, and the streets were full of people.

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