New England


Hyannisport, Cape Cod
Thursday, October 7, 1999

Photos by Pat Tyler

John Kennedy spent much of his time in Hyannisport, Cape Cod.
After his death, the people raised the money and built this
memorial in a beautiful park by the beach.

The Kennedy family is highly revered in this area.

This is St. Francis Xavier Church, where JFK worshipped
when he was in Cape Cod.

It seemed that we just had an hour or two before it was time to
go to the airport for our departure to go home. So they herded
us into this little boat in Hyannisport so we could go out in the
harbor near the Kennedy compound and gawk.

It was choppy and there weren't enough seats for everybody. But
we went about a ½ mile from shore and just gawked!

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